US Tourist Visa Applications For Thai Fiancees – Misrepresentation Issues


The united states visa procedure can be awkward and confusing. This article explores the topics connected with receiving a US tourist destination to get a Thai lovedone.

This principle demands Consular มรภ.สวนสุนันทา Officers to earn a presumption a tourist agent is really an undisclosed immigrant unless the visa candidate can reveal strong signs that contradicts and consequently rebuts that presumption. Section 2-14 (b) thus generates a”strong ties” vs.”weak ties” investigation which demands the candidate show”strong ties” for their own country of source, or yet another country out the usa, and “weak ties” into the United States. This is sometimes a really debatable provision specially for all those Americans who want to create a Thai significant flip straight back into the US for a temporary stay.

The occurrence of a Citizen boy friend or girl friend can be quite detrimental to a Thai National’s b2 visa application (or some other past-due visa program for this subject involving the f 1 visa, j 1 visa, b 1 visa, and so forth ). The detriment originates from how the offender has a romantic relationship with a could possibly be construed to own a”strong tie” into america. There are a few Thai-American couples that avoid this dilemma simply by”not mentioning” that the presence of an intimate association with a US Citizen. This isn’t just a smart plan of action, from this author’s opinion, as any misrepresentation, actually misrepresentation by omission, is dishonest and might possibly be looked at by state dept employees in an effort to defraud the American government. For a Citizen, a finding of fraud and misrepresentation may cause penalties, but this type of finding might have an extremely negative impact upon the candidate’s probability of obtaining a US visa at the foreseeable future because fraud and misrepresentation is thought to be a legal basis of inadmissibility into the united states that may likely just be mitigated upon the endorsement of an I-601 waiver.

Even though the DS-156 form that’s employed in submitting an application for a classic tourist visa doesn’t present the question:”have you got a digital boyfriend/girlfriend?” Alternatively the types inquires:

The shape subsequently makes it possible for the candidate to notice relatives, for example”fiance/fiancee.” The cause of this conversation is a result of the simple fact that the rest of the shape’s questions might be answered relatively easily. For example, an individual could say with relative certainty if they’ve a US Citizen wife or husband, however”fiance” is just another, more opaque, more thing. Assessing the definition of”fiance” could be debatable as amorous relationships, before union, are quite fluid out of the legal perspective. It’s the author’s belief when the offender has an intimate relationship with a American Citizen, then that fact should be divulged for the Consular Officer either on paper or during the visa appointment, however if there’s a risk that union and modification of standing might be a chance, then it could be wise to forgo an effort at receiving a tourist visa, even since it isn’t actually the appropriate visa, and also submit a request for a unitedstates fiance visa.

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