EV Charging Companies in Cheshire

Electric vehicle owners who live in Cheshire are fortunate enough to have access to many public EV charging stations. This makes it easy to find out more about the installation process and the cost of EV charging. It is important to choose an electric vehicle charging station that is suitable for your needs. You should also research the installation cost of a charging station before hiring an electrician. An experienced electrician will be able to answer any questions you may have and will install a charging station that is suitable for your vehicle.

Electric vehicle charging facilities are available throughout the region. Cheshire East Council has invested in charging points and has given a contract to Osprey Charging to install and manage six rapid-charging sites in the borough. Additional info found at The Car Charge People. These charging points will help drivers charge their cars and are situated in areas where it is difficult to find off-street parking. The council also plans to enforce traffic rules prohibiting non-EVs from parking in the charging bays.

Although public charging stations are available across the UK, the speed and quality of charging facilities are not uniform. Many public charging stations in the UK are not equipped with high-quality chargers. EV owners are encouraged to buy an electric car charger for their home. Fortunately, some of these charging facilities even have a mobile application, which allows drivers to make and manage charges from their phone. You can even find EV charging companies in Cheshire by checking the Yellow Pages.

The council’s efforts are already paying off. It has installed two rapid 50 kilowatt EVCPs outside of the National Waterways Museum and a fast charger near the M53. The charging points are located near businesses and homes that are not equipped with their own driveways. The council has partnered with leading energy specialist ENGIE to install these charging points. In addition to council funding, the project is being funded through the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Government Office for Low Emission Vehicles grant.

One company that focuses on technology, Osprey Charging, is the first EV charging company in the UK to install integrated credit card terminals. The system allows drivers to use Apple Pay through NFC and contactless payment cards. The company also provides a transparent pay-per-kWh tariff that allows drivers to control their energy costs. These charge stations are close to destinations, supermarkets and coffee shops. Unlike traditional charging stations, Osprey Charging charge points can recharge your vehicle from empty to 80 per cent in as little as 20 minutes.

Another company that regularly installs EV charge points in Cheshire is APi Electrical. This company is based in Manchester and has EV chargers across Cheshire. They are OZEV-approved and can help you qualify for a grant that can save you PS350 to PS14000 in the long run. This is the perfect way to get a boost in your fuel economy. If you live in Cheshire, it’s time you switched to a cleaner and greener way of life.